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Simple Way to Optimize Images for SEO

optimize images
optimize images

You can’t realize how important is to optimize images. For me Images are an asset for organic search results and search engine optimization are often neglected, personally i have tested that images can turn into tons of traffic for your website. How do people find images for their articles or any other matter like funny images etc must be Googling, huh! if you really want to drive lot more traffic you can do so by using some simple tips to optimize images instant.


 Tips to Optimize Images for SEO :


* Optimizing Image Alt Text

If you saw any baby laughing image then you must be recognized instantly but in case of search engines its hard for Google spiders to  spot any image. So you have to use Alt text for images. Keyword in Alt Text must be good idea to get traffic.

Example for Alt Text : 

<img src="baby-laughing.jpg" alt="Baby laughing" />
Use Alt Text with important keyword.

* Optimize Image Size

As we talked about load speed of website in last post it is important to optimize image loading speed.In order to reduce load speed of images Keep the file size as low as possible. For that, make sure you compress each images before you publish. I usually use Microsoft Picture Manager for this. In case if you don’t have that software, there is an equally useful online tool by DynamicDrive to compress your images. Try to keep a range of 20KB to 60KB in file size.

* Optimize Images with Content

Every time when we look for images to add in articles should be related to content, Alt text and Title. Optimize images as possible as you can by providing more appropriate images according to content.

* Optimize Image Title

Along with Alt Text and Image Title it is important to optimize images description as per my concern Search spiders doesn’t have eyes yet so images should have good description to identify that image correctly.

Optimizing Images are important to drive more traffic but still there are some newbies which place keywords in Alt Text, Title and Image name with multiple keywords. I want you to have little and descriptive keywords so that it can be easy to optimize.

Crafting content is very important then any other as rightly said “Content is King” but don’t miss chance to optimize other things like Keyword Optimization, Optimize Images etc. all these can easily maximize your search results.


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